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Before proceeding with registration and accessing our Virtual Clinic, please review and agree to the following conditions:

  1. Active MSP Number: Ensure that your MSP (Medical Services Plan) number is active. In the event it is inactive, you will receive an invoice for the appointment fee, which amounts to $85.00.

  2. Appointment Attendance Policy: Should you fail to attend your scheduled appointment or neglect to cancel it at least 6 hours prior to the designated time, you will incur a charge equivalent to a full private appointment, amounting to $85.00.

  3. Sick Note Policy: Kindly note that sick notes cannot be backdated. Additionally, each sick note requested incurs a fee of $60.

  4. Prescription Policy: Physicians within our Virtual clinic do not provide refills for Opioids or ADHD medications. For such prescriptions, it is advised to consult a family physician.

  5. Disability and Fit to Work Forms: In instances where you require a disability or fit to work form to be completed, our physicians may decline your request if they lack access to your complete medical records.

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge and accept the policies outlined above.

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